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All the latest Eric Bouillette news compiled in one place. From tour dates and album releases, to reviews, interviews, and more – stay in the know with this regularly updated news section.


Imaginaerium - concept album "The Rise of Medici" limited special edition: PREORDER NOW!

Imaginaerium, the band originally formed by Clive Nolan & Eric Bouillette, announced that their concept album “The Rise of Medici” will be out on September 30th 2022, via Anesthetize Productions. This limited special edition is a 28 page hand-numbered hardback earbook with 2CDs. 

"The album features some of the major episodes in the life of Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici. Their lives were far more intricate and complex than this album can possibly put across, so we simply offer a small part of their dramatic place in history." 


Watch the teaser through the Youtube player below:


Solace Supplice - album "Liturgies contemporaines" out on June 15th and first single online!

The album of Solace Supplice ”Liturgies contemporaines” will be released on June 15, 2022 via the label FTF Music.

The band unveils the track “Le tartuffe exemplaire,” with WIllow Beggs on bass & Jimmy Pallagrosi on drums. Stream the track via Bandcamp below:


Nine Skies - 5.20 Special Edition [CD + DVD]

Following the success of their last acoustic album “5.20,” Nine Skies announce the release of a limited special edition: a double digipack, CD +DVD, with a 12 pages booklet and an alternative artwork.

The CD includes 5 bonus audio tracks and the DVD a recording documentary + 2 live stream videos.

Watch the special edition video teaser through the YouTube player below:


Nine Skies - Release day!

It’s been a long journey but our new album “5.20” is finally here!
We are very glad and we hope you will like it as much as we do!


➡️"5.20" Teaser:
➡️ "5.20" Digipack:

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Nine Skies - "5.20" guest announcement: Steve Hackett

This is beyond words...!

I am thrilled to announce that

Steve Hackett (Genesis, Steve Hackett Band...) is featuring on our new album “5.20”!

It is a real honour to collaborate with such a legend and talented musician!

Photo credit: Lee Millward.

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Nine Skies - "5.20" guest announcement: Damian Wilson

We are thrilled to announce that

Damian Wilson (Arena, Ayreon, Threshold, Headspace, Adam Wakeman ...) is featuring on our new album “5.20” on vocals!

It is a real honour for us to collaborate with such an amazing and talented musician!

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Nine Skies - "5.20" guest announcement: John Hackett

It's time to share some news about our new album ‘5.20’: we are absolutely thrilled to announce that the amazing Mr. John Hackett features on the flute.

It’s been a great honour to collaborate with such a talented musician!

John Hackett Band:

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Nine Skies: new studio album "5.20"

Coming end of May - acoustic album including a string quatuor - digipack edition

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Nine Skies: Live @ Prog en Beauce

Coming end of May - digipack edition

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Clive Nolan Joins Imaginaerium!

We are happy to announce that the progressive rock guru, Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland, Caamora) will be responsible for developing the concept for “The Rise of Medici” as well as writing the lyrics for the project. In collaboration with Eric, Clive will also compose the music and orchestrate the forthcoming album. Most recently, Clive was also asked to perform one of the four solo parts. It is for the first time in his career that Clive will impersonate a baddie. We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Nolan to the team!

More exciting announcements will follow soon.


Photo by © Malc Bernhard.

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The Room - New Tour Dates Released

The Room is on tour! More details here:

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A New Project and a Record Deal!

Eric Bouillette, a French composer, guitarist, violinist and a member of numerous rock and progressive rock bands, including Nine Skies, The Room, Solace Supplice, Wilder's Folly and others, has set up a new international project called 'Imaginaerium' involving some well-known musicians from the UK and Italy. With the thought of the forthcoming album “The Rise of Medici”, Eric has signed a deal with a French record label, Anesthetize Productions. More details about the project, the musicians and the album will be revealed soon!

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Ep is out now!

Solace Supplice - EP is out now!

Our EP is out now! you can listen/download it on all streaming websites and order it HERE!

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Session musician

Eric is currently registered on Fiverr as a Session Musician. He will compose and record guitar, violin and arrangements on your songs. Check it out: or contact him directly for your songs.

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Nine Skies - New album 'Sweetheart Grips' out now!

Nine Skies new album « Sweetheart Grips » (featuring Craig Blundell, Clive Nolan, Dave Foster, Riccardo Romano, Johnny Marter, Pat Sanders):

Listen / download/ order here:

Order here:

This title refers to the practice dating back to the second World War, when soldiers were known to take precious family photos (and Pinup Girl photos) and put them under clear grips on their 1911 pistols, called ’Sweetheart Grips’. Many of the grips were made from pieces of broken plastic windows from bombers.

The album highlights the memories and feelings of a young soldier exposed to a post-traumatic syndrome, bringing out the paradox between the obvious violence of the war and the underlying humanity buried in each of us.

The proceeds from the sales of the album go towards « Ian's Chain » charity, to raise awareness of suicide prevention and to help those who have lost someone to suicide.

Artwork © Steve Anderson

Check out all the Nine Skies news on the website:

Watch the teaser HERE:

Drifting Sun - new album 'Planet Junkie' out now!

It was a great honour to be part of this beautiful album. Check it out here:

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Nova Cascade - new album 'A Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows' out now!

It was a great honour to be part of this beautiful album. Check it out here:

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The Room

The Room - New album released with White Star Records

The 3rd album of the band is released!

All songs written by Steve Anderson, Eric Bouillette, Steve Checkley, Mark Dixon, Andy Rowe, Martin Wilson and Chris York.

Produced by John Mitchell and The Room.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Outhouse Studios.

Check it out HERE

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